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Greetings all. In my last report under General membership meeting I stated that Cody Hutton and Chris Grillot will remain our Vice President and Treasurer.  That info is correct, but elections in odd years are for VP and Secretary. With 2023 being an odd year Cody and Kristan Barclay were re-elected to their current positions. I apologize for that partially incorrect statement. Officer positions of president and treasurer will be up for election in 2024.

Last season I helped Mike Hankins, who was 54 at the time, catch his first coyote. While on his line last season he also saw his first bobcat which really excited him as well. I put up his fur due to circumstances with the cancer he had. He had only been a member of the ITA about 18 months, sold fur at the ITA fur auction, but really wanted to tan his coyotes. Last Spring we took his coyotes to Wellsburg for tanning and made the trip to pick them up mid June. October 4th he passed away, but at his celebration of life there was his 1st coyote tanned and on display for everyone to see. I also learned that I had been to his grandparent’s house many times in my younger days when mom and dad went there to play cards. He left instructions with his parents about where all his trapping equipment would go and donate any memorial money to the ITA. He did not get to catch a bobcat, but I was invited by his parents to trap their property as Mike had done. With any luck I will catch that bobcat for him on his line. RIP Mike!!

For those who have not heard, I lost the election for FTA General Organizer. I will continue to be a part of this dedicated group of trappers, like all trappers are or should be, to assist with retaining our rights to utilize and manage our natural resources. Thank you to everyone who voted for me as it was an honor to run for this position by those who entrusted me.

Trapping season opened on November 4th and closes February 28th this season, except beaver which will remain April 15th as in the past. Get out there and have some fun while taking a kid or adult along who has never participated. This is one way to get others involved and introduced to trapping for now and the future.

Since September 11th launch of our new ITA YouTube channel, there are currently 431 subscribers, 7 videos with 4833 views. The channel currently covers basics on traps, trapping and new regulation changes are explained. There will be equipment for loan, with a deposit, to members who wish to video for the channel. If you have not viewed it yet, go to YouTube and search for Iowa Trappers Association. Thank you to Justin Deaver, Luke DeMeulenaere and JD Rogge for all your work involved to get this channel launched and its viewing available.

Since my last report we had 2 new lifetime members join, Brandon Weyerman and Jeff Dodds. I do not know our current membership number, but can say that lifetime is currently at 505 members. The website is currently receiving the majority of our new member activity. Thank you to all our new, renewing and lifetime members of the ITA, everyone’s support is greatly appreciated.

With help from Kristan, I have setup an email list of current members to receive my report and other info when required to their personal email.  That list contained over 130 undeliverable emails which were deleted and some have been updated since. If you wish to be on this list and have not received my last report, send your email to me and I will get you on this list. My email is

The ITA Fur Auction will be held January 6, 2024 at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Boone. Dave Phipps and I will begin accepting seller numbers starting Dec 1st as in the past. You can contact Dave at 515 491-8214 or myself at 515-306-9385. When you get there pickup your seller card, this number will be your seller number for the auction. The issue we see most when lotting in is “bad” pelts mixed with good. If you have blue or damaged pelts put them on a separate string. Those blue or damaged pelts will only downgrade the value of your good pelts. Once your fur is lotted in, all fur MUST cross the buyers table before it can be pulled for “No Sale”.  Let us know when we are lotting in your fur the minimum price you are wanting so that can be written on the seller sheet.  For any “No Sale” fur, the commission is calculated off the last bid received.  Commission as in the past will be 3% for “No Sales” and 5% for sales. Pay the clerk via cash or check only as we will not be able to accept debit or credit cards. After paying your commission, a sheet will be given for you to take to the buyers which purchased your fur. Doors will open at 7 A.M. and auction will begin at 9. Dan Roberts and Kristie Lambert will have food for lunch plus we will have doughnuts, pop and coffee like in the past. Hope to see everyone in Boone!!

March 1-3rd the ITA will have a booth at the Iowa Deer Classic which will be our first time at this event. We attended National Pheasant Fest from 2007 to 2015 with much success, but help in the booth became an issue. With the classic being in Des Moines it will be much closer to home and assistance. We will only have an 8X10 booth which will be tight for space we normally have for a layout.  Our booth will be number G31 located on the Upper Level Grand Concourse directly across from the middle seminar stage doors. If you attend, stop by and chat with us.

Our 22nd annual NTF (National Trappers Foundation)/ITA banquet to be held April 6, 2024 at Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel. This new location I located off I-80/I-35 at 1800 – 50th St in West Des Moines.  As I indicated prior, there are many other motels located well within a mile of this location. Save that date and we will see everyone next April at our new location.

July 25-27th we will have booth number 234 at the NTA National in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I will bet there will be an “Iowa campsite” like last year as well. Stop by our booth to join or renew your ITA membership while there.

The next ITA Board meeting will be held January 28th. I have yet to select a location for that meeting. I will let everyone know when I do. I am planning on April and June for the Spring & Summer meetings. As always, all current members are welcomed to attend any meeting.

That is about it for now. Hope everyone has a good holidays. Til next time - Craig

Greetings all. It has been a busy July and August. Headed to Escanaba July 23 to 30th for NTA National. I attended NTA Board meetings with Rod Husman, a long two days but all went well. Made my way too the fairgrounds Thursday to Saturday to partake in convention activities and talk, if talk surprises you. Hung out with the Iowa gang in the evenings to make sure all the kids go to bed when they should. Gunner Hutton assumed my “Presidential responsibilities” Friday and Saturday due to his wearing of my badge. It sure made for some interesting responses during his tenure. Thanks Gunner!!

Got back home then headed to Eldora on Aug 5th for the Iowa Bow Hunters meet. We set up a display and perfomed demos for their group to equate their organization with ours. The day went very well and we gained a few members while present. Thank you to IBA for your hospitality while there.

August 7th it was off to Wildwood Ranch for the Outdoor Journey for Girls camp. Allyson Oser has been lead presenter for a trapping program for 3 years now. She goes over history, animals, pelts and traps and why we need regulated harvest. The girls relate to her very well, she even snaps a soft-catch 1 ½ on herself. There have been other girls follow her lead and snap that trap on their hands as well. Thank you Allyson for doing this.

After class Allyson, her mom and I continued with conversations. During that conversation I learned that convention weekend was also homecoming, she and the family were going to convention. At that moment I had plans for convention weekend in her honor. To be continued further down in my report.

August 26th I was present at the Beginner Trappers class in Knoxville hosted by Justin Deaver. There were 62 signed up and the building was full. While in the intro, Justin asked how many present were ITA members? A few hands raised, he said you can join today while here. After completing all stages and arriving back for lunch, 13 people joined the association as new members. One family had a daughter who attended the Outdoor Journey for Girls in St. Charles. All 4 of the family joined due to their daughter attending camp and being involved with Allyson’s presentation. Thank you Justin for hosting this event.

Sunday Aug 27th it was off to Central City for ECI 16 Rendezvous. Had a good time and got to talk with some people. It is always a good time over there with Shawn, Steve and Owen and all the Fur Taker family. I relayed info about FTA happenings to those present and asked them for their vote in my running for General Organizer. I will not know election results until about mid October when results will be released. I appreciate all who voted for me, time will tell.

Sept 5th headed to Osage for convention. Weather was about as perfect as we could ask for during a convention. About 15 campers were present by Wednesday evening ready for Thursday morning. Buildings were all setup on Thursday morning early due to all the help. I would like to say thank you to all that helped Thursday. This association and our members are very helpful with setup, tear down and clean up at convention. This is what makes convention so enjoyable due to the amount of volunteers who assist to get things done so efficiently.

Final touches for all areas were finished by late afternoon and vendors were pretty much done by early evening with their booths. There was a gentleman from Wisconsin that camped beside one of our members. He stated to him, it seems that everyone knows each other here at convention. His reply was, most everyone does. That is what is great about convention, there may be a couple campfires going, but almost everyone is around one or the other enjoying the evening food and activities.

Friday morning Justin Deaver was setting up a tv to allow the Board to view the new ITA YouTube channel being spearheaded by Justin Deaver and Luke DeMeulenaere. During setup a FFA group from Riceville was present. After talking with Justin, he was willing to present this to the group unannounced. After speaking with the teacher about this new video and students’ willingness to view it, the ITA YouTube was unofficially unveiled to the public.

Friday was our Board meeting. Guests were Justin Deaver, Luke DeMeulenaere, Justin Stiens, Jeff Milner, Joe Pannhoff, John Newlin, Shane Burmeister, Tex Adams and Bailey Knouse. The Board approved our having a booth at the Iowa Deer Classic March 1-3, 2024 in Des Moines. This is the first major event we will attend since Pheasant Fest back in 2012. We will be right outside the seminar rooms on the upper level, so stop by and say hello while you are there. The Board also approved having a booth at the NTA National in Sioux Falls, SD next year. We had 2 Director at Large positions up for election. Three nominations were received for the two positions. Those nominated were, Justin Deaver, Dwaine Knouse and Shane Burmeister. With 3 nominations, a vote of the general membership is required. After the Board meeting Friday, I had 2 different Board members come to me asking about making a new position on the Board for Justin due to his involvement and production of our new YouTube channel. Neither of the Board had spoken to each other, but each member was indicating about the same thing. Late Friday evening I talked with Cody, Tom & Mike to have an impromptu Executive Council meeting Saturday morning to discuss input I received on Friday. Saturday morning about 8:30 or 9 we came up with making a new position on the Board. We wanted Justin Deaver to Chair this position and Luke DeMeulenaere to be his Co-chair. Both of them just happened to stop by while we were talking. Both these guys were already working this project and Justin was absolutely willing to accept this currently non-existing position we wanted to make. While discussing all this with Justin we came to agreement we would have Justin remove his nomination for Director at Large. By doing it this way the association would "officially" be able to utilize all 3 nominees in the association instead of 2. By creating a new position, all 3 talents could be gained. With this coming around in such a short period of time before the membership meeting, none all the "side effects" of Justin removing himself from the nomination were even though of. This led to much confusion in everyone present to support Justin in his bid to obtain Director at Large. I didn't envision the confusion it would lead to because "I knew" what was going on and most everyone at the meeting had no idea. I apologize to Justin and all present to support him for my lack of ability to forsee the confusion "I" as president of this association created on Saturday.

I will state I am very proud of how "MEMBERS" of this association are stepping up to make this association one of the leading associations around the country. Due to efforts by Justin and Luke, through their personal YouTube channels, and others asking if you are a member. We have gained over 100 "new" members in just 2 months from all over the country due to their announcements. Just prior to convention of 2019 we were at 765 members and 421 lifetimes. Those numbers have steadily increased, especially over the past 2 months. Since my last report lifetimes who joined have been Rodney Christner, Luke DeMeulenaere and Curtis Barber. During convention we added 18 more new lifetimes. Those lifetimes who joined are Frank Ruegsegger, Robert Dilley, Dylan Humberg, DJ Vogeler, Kody Krusen, Larry Jacobson, Leon Windschitl, Cindy Anderson, Mick Craig, A & J Skinning Machines, Mary Thomas, Ian Tibboel, Allyson Oser, Sawyer Brenneman, Joseph Dudley, Ava Brenneman, Trapper Brenneman, Stephen Boehme, Dave D’Aigle and Justin Smith. The ITA currently has 1325 members with 503 of those being lifetime in our association. Thank you to ALL our new, renewing and lifetime members from around the USA who support the ITA!!!

During the membership meeting Dwaine Knouse and Shane Burmeister will be our Directors’ at Large for 2023, Cody Hutton and Chris Grillot will remain our vice-president and treasurer. Our scholarship winners for 2023 were Ben Johannes, Bailey, Knouse, Leo Sells, Dane Durkop and Kylee Eastwood. Congratulations to Ben, Bailey, Leo, Dane & Kylee for receiving those scholarships. Matt Lumley was presenter for our 41st inductee into the ITA Hall of Fame who was Dean Bartz. Dean is normally at the FTA Trappers College, but arrangements were made to keep him in Iowa for the weekend. I know he was a little surprised and caught off guard, but the secrets remained until the announcement. Congratulations Dean on your induction into the ITA Hall of Fame!!

Now back to Friday evening and the “to be continued’. I had plans to surprise Allyson at the potluck since she would not be attending homecoming. I purchased a “Queen robe and tiara, Hannah Manning designed a sash for my planned surprise. I wrote a short speech, just happened to be a couple straw bales present to act as a podium to announce from for the ceremony. After my speech I crowned Allyson Oser “Trapping Queen”. Following the crowning, Allyson stated that she had a surprise for me as well. Back in 2021 at Spencer, Allyson and I were looking through my photo album of trapline and fish memories. She took a picture of my photo of a 48 inch flathead caught in 1998. This past summer, she took taxidermy classes with Roger Hutton. While in class she made a replica of that flathead and presented that to me. Allyson was shocked by becoming Trapping Queen and I was honored to receive such a momentous gift from her. This is one convention both of us will never forget – Thank you Allyson for your memorable gift!!

Saturday Miss Iowa 2023 Alysa Goethe and Miss Iowa’s Teen Juliana Clark were present at convention. Tom gave them a tour, sat in the ITA booth and even participated in the trap setting contest. Juliana was only 6 seconds from placing 3rd which was pretty impressive for not setting a trap previously. Thank you Alysa and Juliana for your presence at convention, it is very much appreciated.

Saturday we drew for the pre-convention gun raffle which was a Weatherby Orion 12 gauge over/under. All 200 tickets were sold, so thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket. The winning ticket was purchased by Judy Sells. Congratulations to Judy for winning the gun.

Dave Phipps was selling spaces for pick-a-square at convention. Winner of pic-a-square for a Ruger 10/22 was Steve Grulkey. Both Steve and Judy were difficult to locate at convention, Steve was across the aisle from the ITA booth and Judy was beside us. Who wants a booth space next to ITA next year??

On Saturday, Justin Deaver and Luke DeMeulenaere organized a beginner trapper event. There were 40 some kids that attended this event which went over well like last year. Each kid received dp’s, bait and other items to get them started on their own line this fall. Thank you to all who assisted to make this possible again this year.

Just before the start of the auction Saturday evening, I made another short speech pertaining to a couple ITA members. They fed everyone Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, Thursday evening plus Saturday evening prior to the auction. They also volunteered to feed about 80 kids/adults at a Bow camp June 11 in Winterset. Prior to getting there, the camp manager indicated there was to be about 200 people present at the noon. That menu was changed to a walking taco for ease and volume of people. They also have volunteered to cook for the fur auction the past 2 years in Boone. I had contacted Dan’s daughter back in June to make plans and let everyone know ahead of time as to what my plans were. Once we got to Osage, Dan indicated that everyone including the grandkids were going to be at convention this year and was all excited. Little did he know what was in the works. After getting everyone’s attention before my short speech, I saw Kristie in the back of the room recording with her phone. She told me later she did that because I rarely speak like this not knowing she was recording their own award ceremony. With all this and other volunteering they have done, I presented the 2023 President’s award to Dan Roberts and Kristie Lambert. Thank you to Dan and Kristie for your most gracious efforts and all you do for the association.

The auction contained many quality items made and donated by some very generous members of the association. Also for the auction, Ben Deter had an idea for auctioning 5 lifetime memberships with a chance at a gun. All items brought very generous amounts to assist with ITA funds. Thank you to everyone who made or donated items for the auction, Bret Smith for his auctioneering services. Everyone’s generosity in purchasing and donating items is and was much appreciated to make the auction the success it has.

September 11th the ITA in conjunction with Justin Deaver and Luke DeMeulenaere launched our new ITA YouTube channel. Currently there are 2 videos, one covers basic parts and mechanics of different style of traps and the other covers dog-proof how to’s. The channel will cover basics on trapping, traps and trap prep to everything between. Their plan will be to host weekly youtube videos provided by ITA MEMBERS! If anybody is interested in filming their trapping season they would love to have you! They are still working on ways to receive videos without using snail mail, but we'll figure it out. Below are more details for those interested!

-videos from first catches to longliners, -trap prep, trap adjustment, everything EDUCATIONAL and/or entertaining. They love to see kids involved, but we will need written permission to show them on youtube by parent or guardian, -no blood, firearms, or dispatches. -speak firmly at the camera, don't turn your head or walk away and continue speaking. All submissions WILL BE REVIEWED AND EDITED AT OUR DISCRETION, OR POSSIBLY DENIED IF IT DOESNT MEET THE ABOVE CRITERIA. Let's use our heads and show good ethics, if there's a few images of things that shouldn't be there editing those out won't be a problem. We can handle that.

Justin believes (not 100% sure) that it will be the very first state association youtube channel. HELP US SHOW THE COUNTRY WHAT US TRAPPERS ARE ALL ABOUT! To view and subscribe go to As I write this there are currently 231 subscribers with 769 views in only 3 days since it was launched. Thank you Justin, Luke and Jennifer for all the work involved to get this channel launched for the association!!!

The 2024 ITA Convention and Sports Show was originally planned for Osceola. Due to circumstances after our July meeting and the printing of our convention brochure that location has now changed. The 2024 location will now be held at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Winterset September 6-7th. For those camping, there will be plenty of spaces for primitive or electrical and some water hook-ups as well are available. There is also a dump station onsite available.

The ITA Fur Auction will be held January 6, 2024 at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Boone. Dave Phipps, I presume, will begin accepting seller numbers starting Dec 1st as he has in the past. You can contact Dave at 515 491-8214. Some contact me, which I have no problem with, and will relay that info to Dave. My phone is 515-306-9385. When you get there you will receive a card with a number, this number will be your seller number for the auction. This system helps with the lotting process as Dave, Cody and myself no longer have to inquire which seller number we are currently on and much easier to keep track of. Also, the issue we see most when lotting in fur is ‘bad” pelts mixed with good. If you have blue or damaged pelts put them on a separate string. Those blue or damaged pelts will only downgrade the value of your good pelts if they are mixed in. Once your fur is lotted in, all fur MUST cross the buyers table before it can be pulled for “No Sale”. Let us know when we are lotting in your fur the minimum price you are wanting so that can be written on the seller sheet. For any “No Sale” fur, the commission is calculated off the last bid received. Commission as in the past will be 3% for “No Sales” and 5% for sales. Pay the clerk via cash or check only as we will not be able to accept debit or credit cards. After paying your commission, a sheet will be given for you to take to the buyers which purchased your fur. Doors will open at 7 A.M. and auction will begin at 9. Last year Dan Roberts and Kristie Lambert provided food for lunch plus we will have doughnuts, pop and coffee like in the past. We will be doing the same again this year as well. Hope to see everyone in Boone!!

Mark your calendar for our 22nd annual FBU or NTF (National Trappers Foundation)/ITA banquet to be held April 6, 2024 at the Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel. The new and bigger location I located off I-80/I-35 at the west mix master in West Des Moines. Hope to see all of you there again next year. As I indicated in my last report, there are many other motels located well within a mile of this location as well. Save that date and we will see everyone next April.

Trapping season opens on Novenber 4th and closes on February 28th this season, except beaver which will close on our normal April 15th date. As most of you know, the season was extended on all species to February 28th due to current population treads in wildlife. Even though there is an open season for hunting or trapping of raccoon on private property, doesn’t indicate that pelts caught or hunted early will be of any value. Wait until the regular fur harvest season opens on November 4th or even later to get those raccoon pelts fully primed. Get out and have some fun while taking a kid or adult along that has never participated. This is one way to get others involved and introduced to the lifestyle that made America the country it is. Also don’t forget about trapline photo’s for the photo contest at convention or footage for the YouTube channel.

I am planning meetings for February, April, June and of course September in Winterset. As always, all members are welcome to attend any meeting.

That is about it for now. Take care til next time - Craig

Greetings all. First I will start with news of a NEW banquet location for next year. The 22nd annual FBU/ITA banquet will be held April 6, 2024 at the Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel. The hotel is located at 50th and University Ave. in West Des Moines, which is on the east side of I-80/35 at the west mix master. The hotel can be easily seen from I-80/35 University Ave exit. The Sheraton has easy access off the interstate as the Ramada, but on the west side of town instead of north. This facility is much larger which will better suit our needs for space. We had been at the Ramada since 2010 and was time for a venue change. There are also many other motels located well within a mile of this location as well. Mark that date down in your calendar and we will see everyone next April.

It has been a busy month for travels. June 3rd I was at Lake Icaria for the SW Iowa Trappers Get-together hosted by Mike Fletchall and Justin Stiens. They had 30 kids and about that many adults attend and when asked none of the kids had attended last year. The number of kids attending doubled from 2022 which was great to see. All kids left with information, traps, bait, lure, setters, magazine and other items to enhance their trapping adventures this coming fall. Also, Mike Fletchall and Brad Person both donated a 1 year membership w/pub to 2 youth who attended. Thank you to Mike and Justin for hosting this event and Mike and Brad for donating youth memberships.

June 11th found Dan Roberts, Kristie Lambert, Cody & Tracy Hutton, Rod Husman and I up early traveling west of Winterset to serve breakfast and lunch at Raised at Full Draw youth bow camp. We served 80 some for breakfast and about 200 for lunch. During lunch when parents were present, I presented info about different traps and trapping to the group. While serving, I got to chat with a young man who hunts on the boss’ farm. His abilities with either a bow or gun are quite good. I do know there has been a lot of meat put into the family freezer by him over years, plus he is interested in getting into trapping as well.

June 17th Kerry Baetsle, Bruce Rhoads, Tony Evans, Mike Long and I set up at the Iowa County Outdoor Adventure at Lake Iowa. There were 176 kids that had registered to partake in the various activities related to outdoors. We explained different traps, pelts and aspects pertaining to trapping. I was a very nice day and all kids left with trading cards for animal identification.

June 19th I left for the FTA Rendezvous in Jefferson, WI. I had a good time while there and apologize to the Sleepy Creek gang for keeping them up all night. There were quite a few attendees from Iowa that I saw and got to visit with. As I stated in my last report, I accepted nomination for FTA Governing Board. On May 29th I received a phone call asking me to run for FTA General Organizer as well. Upon arrival at the FTA Rendezvous, I was asked again to accept a nomination for General Organizer. After some in depth talks, and bylaws indicating only one Board position can be ran for, I decided to decline my Governing Board nomination and accept nomination for General Organizer. I know there are quite a few people from Iowa who have held positions with the FTA in the past. If elected, I will not disappoint those people or members of the ITA or FTA here in Iowa. I will say, my heart is here in Iowa and my dedication to Iowa will not change, I will extend that commitment to the next level. I will know the outcome sometime in October as to those election results.

Men’s trap setting contest comprised of Iowan’s Rick Hemsath, Pogo and I. Between the 3 of us we took a majority of the top 3 places in all categories. In the “Wo”-“Mens” barefoot bear trap setting contest, the men got our butts whipped by Skye Goode/Defourneaux, who performed an amazing job of setting that bear trap. As you can see I put the letters “Wo” in front of Men’s to be correct since she placed first. Congratulations Skye on your placing 1st!!!

June 9 and 10th was the Miss Iowa Teen/Miss Iowa Pageant in Davenport. Tom Walters presented the ITA’s sheared beaver coat to Miss Iowa 2023 winner Alysa Goethe originally from Bettendorf and sheared beaver vest to Miss Iowa’s Teen Juliana Clark who lives in Clinton. Both gals will be present Saturday of convention as they have in the past. Tom will give them a tour, then be at the ITA booth normally later in the morning. Congratulations to Alysa and Juliana on your new adventure over the next year.

ITA Fall Convention and Sportshow will be held Sept. 8-9th at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds in Osage. There will be 26 electrical hook-ups and locations for primitive camping onsite as well. Fairgrounds are located 4 blocks south of Hwy 9 on South 10th St., which runs straight into the main grounds gate. The address for the grounds is 1006 Chestnut St for those using GPS. There are 2 motels in town, AmericInn and Super 8 both are a little over a mile from grounds on east side of town. I have 20 rooms blocked at AmericInn under Iowa Trappers. Their direct number is 641-832-2200 when you call state your with the ITA to get those rooms. The Super 8’s direct number is 641-732-1800. My current vendor list is: Funke Trap Tags, Cumberland’s, Mill Creek Trap Supply, No B-S Lures, Roberts Trading, R&M Lures, Kansas Trapline Products, Keg Creek Baits & Lures, Dakota Prairie Baits, MJ Enterprises, Fiber Tuff, AJ Skinners, Sleepy Creek Tannery, Mike (Red) O’Hearn, Hutton Valley School of Taxidermy, Bret Smith, Backwater Baits, Papio Creek Trap Supply, Cedar River Pheasants, Cedar River Taxidermy, Life is now Outdoors, Top Lot Stretchers, Billingsley Brand Lures, Last Step Trap Supply/Tanning, Cook Fur and Accessories, Max Ort, Jerry’s Trap Supplies, IA Bow Hunters, Delta Waterfowl, NRA, DNR, FTA, NTA, Iowa Firearm Coalition,NWTF, and ITA. The 2 dealer buildings and demo area are close to each other as well. It was decided at our summer meeting to enact some minor changes to our convention schedule. On Saturday, we will now close dealer buildings at 5 P.M. instead of 6 and move the mountain man race from 6:30 to 5:30 P.M. Main reasons are - 1) most dealers have wrapped up by this time, 2) the crowd has greatly decreased, 3) this will allow more time after the mountain man race to organize and setup clerking for the auction beginning at 7:30.

NOTICE -- as I am writing this: It sounds like ABOVE ground fire pits will be allowed on the grounds barring any “burn bans” being activated. They DO NOT want any ground fires, so please keep all fires off the ground.

Also, don’t forget the ITA photo contest, mail your photo/s to, Tom Walters 1723 20th St. Bettendorf, IA 52722 or bring them to convention and get them to him prior to the General Membership meeting for judging. Be sure to put your name on the back of the photo as well. Categories include: Animal in Trap, Trapper and Catch, Multiple Catch and Youth (16 & younger).

On July 9th our Summer Board of Directors meeting was held. Guests were Judy Sells, Peter Fritzell, Jeff Milner, Justin Stiens and Justin Deaver, Thank you to everyone who attended. I received an email from our FTA Director George Shaw indicating he was stepping down due to family requirements. George has served as our FTA Director for 6 years. We appreciate his time and efforts in performing those duties, Thank you George!! I will be our interim FTA Director until someone else is interested. If anyone is interested, requirements are to be a current member of the ITA and FTA, attend FTA Board meeting in June, update reports of FTA at our 4 Board and membership meeting at convention, and be a liaison between FTA and ITA. If anyone is interested contact me for info.

Kristan reported that our membership has been steadily increasing. Our newest lifetime member is Josh Jones. Thank you to Josh and all our new and renewing members for your support. Since August 8th of last year, 100 people currently have utilized our website for joining or renewing memberships online. The new website and online option for purchasing of memberships has worked quite well. Also, we have our ITA History book available for $25 postage included online as well for those interested.

Tom Walters announced our 4 ITA scholarship winners for 2023. Each recipient will receive a $750 scholarship. Those recipients are Ben Johannes, Kylee Eastwood, Bailey Knouse and Leo Sells. Congratulations to Ben, Kylee, Bailey and Leo for receiving those scholarships. Hope to see all of you at Osage to receive those awards. Thank you to everyone who applied for those scholarships.

While on the subject of scholarships, a very good suggestion was received from one of our lifetime members. Starting next year the ITA will select our scholarship winners at our spring (April) Board meeting instead of our Summer meeting. We will notify scholarship recipients BEFORE graduation so those scholarships can be announced prior to graduation. Thank you to Mr. Wayne for suggesting this little change that can make a big difference in the public’s future awareness of the association.

The DNR and ITA have joined forces to hold 8 beginner trapper classes around the state. These classes teach skills and information needed in trapping furbearers to anyone who has little to no trapping experience. The eight workshops will feature several knowledge and skill building sessions with instructors that teach the basics of trapping. Classes will be held August 12 - Spencer, IA, August 26 - Forest City, IA, August 26 - Knoxville, IA, September 23 - Mt. Pleasant, IA, October 7 - Otho, IA, October 21 - Hazelton, IA , October 22 – Dixon, IA and November 18 – St. Charles, IA. For more information or to register for a class, go to Iowa DNR website look under Learn to Hunt program/beginner fur harvesting workshops.

The Fall Directors meeting will be held 1 P.M. September 8th at the fairgrounds in Osage. The General Membership meeting will be held at 1:30 P.M. Saturday September 9th.

That is about all for now. Have a good summer. Til next time - Craig

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