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January, 2023 President's Report

Greetings all. Another season is underway and colder weather has set in as I write this. Markets appear to be down some from last season for most species here in Iowa as most everyone knows. Most will set some to fill the bug in themselves, myself included. At this point, it looks like the week of Thanksgiving before I get sets out. Take a kid or other person along to get them involved.

All the Trapper Ed classes to this point all have been well attended. We have a class November 19th at St. Charles with 23 signed up. Hear that 8 so far are under the age of 20.

The ITA Fur Auction will be held January 7, 2023 at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Boone. I have contacted buyers and all are planning to attend again as of the first part of November. Dave Phipps will begin accepting seller numbers starting Dec 1st, contact him at 515 491-8214. Some contact me, which I have no problem with, and will relay that info to Dave. My phone is 515-306-9385. The issue we see most when lotting in fur is “bad” pelts mixed in with good pelts. If you have blue or damaged pelts put them on a separate string. Those blue or damaged pelts will only downgrade the value of your good pelts even more so this season from the reports I have heard. Once your fur is lotted in, all fur MUST cross the buyers table before it can be pulled for “No Sale”. Let us know when we are lotting in your fur the minimum price you are wanting so that can be written on your seller sheet. For any “No Sale” fur, the commission is calculated off the last bid received. Commission as in the past will be 3% for “No Sales” and 5% for sales. Pay the clerk via cash or check only as we will not accept debit or credit card. After paying your commission, a sheet will be given for you to take to the buyers which purchased your fur. Doors technically will open at 7 A.M. and auction will begin at 9. Like last year we will have doughnuts, pop and coffee. Dan and Kristie are willing to prepare pulled pork or loose meat for lunch and staff that area during the auction. We will have a few vendors present as in the past. If you need something special contact Allen or Bruce to have them bring it along.

February 23rd will be the ITA’s Annual Legislative Breakfast at the Statehouse from 7 A.M. to about 9 A.M. This should have been the 25th year for hosting this event, but being 2020 and 2021 were cancelled it will be 22nd year. This has been a very good event over the years as we get to meet legislators in a more relaxed atmosphere and one on one.

The 21st annual FBU/ITA banquet is planned for March 11th in Des Moines. When the flyer info gets updated we will get that out to attendees. I am giving everyone a heads up so you can get this date on your calendar. As in the past, we will be asking for any type of donation for the evening. Hope to see you there.

The Winter ITA Board of Directors meeting will be held February 5th 10 A.M. at CrossRoads Shooting Sports 5550 Johnston Dr. in Johnston. For those attending, enter the building from the rear (south) side of the building as the front door will be locked at that time. I have scheduled April 2nd and July 9th at this location for the Spring and Summer meetings as well. All current ITA members are welcome to attend any of these meetings.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable trapping season. Be safe, take care and take a youngster along as they are our future.

Til next time - Craig

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